Wild Urban Life App

Urban Wildlife in Toronto

An App to be used to help Urban Wildlife in need, to find out
about sightings or as an educational tool to learn about urban
wildlife activities, environment and habitats.

Captstone Project - RED Academy

Research - Qualitative and Quantative

Key results from questionnaire: to advocate and help Urban Wildlife in Toronto

Twenty survey results resulted in the following:

1. City residences have an interest in becoming closer to wildlife, wildlife sightings and activities

2. Would utilize their smart phones to access a rescue/help hotline quickly



Domain Research

- Urban Wildlife have two different and opposite parts; to be viewed as a nuisance, or s something that needs to be protected

- Important for city residents to educate themselves on their environment to have a better understanding of the animals within it

- The majority of the focus on urban wildlife is medical emergencies, rehabilitation and making the environment safer for urban wildlife

- 30,000 calls per year received by Toronto Wildlife Centre

- 50% of calls involve baby animals between April and October

- There are 40 to 80 raccoons per square kilometre in Toronto

- More injuries than dealths reported for 2016



Competitive / Comparative Analysis

Rescue Help

Wildlife Alerts / Share / Activity


Wildlife Info / Browse / Explore



Wild Urban Life App


Autobon Birds






Primary Persona



Secondary Persona




Must have list includes: Login, Contact one-click, My location, Search
Nice to have: E-commerce, Chat Online, Social Media login, Voice Recognition




User Flows and IA



Strategy 1: A quick and easy way to contact rescue authorities

Strategy 2: Share the wildlife experience by listing your sightings

Strategy 3: Provide activity of wildlife sightings throughout Toronto

Strategy 4: Educate and teach

Strategy 5: Increase interest with statistics and data




1. Users were getting "lost" when they tried to add their sighting; added home button on every page

2. Confusion in the beginning of the app; not sure what the app does, needs more clarity

3. Less repetition with similar screens, more interaction / functionality (back buttons, seamless steps)

4. Prioritization of the home screen buttons, adding colour to differentiate most important




Future Objectives

1. Market the App to Wildlife Organizations

2. Add categories to the Fun Facts and Statistics sections to prepare for expansion



Low Fidelity
Wireframes here



Mid-High Fidelity
Prototype here